Why should we choose floor renovation?

Wooden floors are a universal and timeless element of interior design. It can be said that they never go out of fashion. They bring a homely atmosphere to even the most austere interiors and make our apartment cozy and warm. Natural floors are also not the cheapest. This is undoubtedly an investment for years. Wood, like any natural material, is destroyed over time. Regardless of what kind of wood our parquet is, after a few or several years, the imprint of time is imprinted on each floor. Fortunately, to refresh the appearance of the parquet, we do not need to undergo a major renovation.

The most popular floor sanding

We can do it in one weekend by ordering professional floor scraping. This type of floor renovation is a modern method of renovating wooden surfaces. Professional scraping of the parquet begins with the removal of a damaged layer of wood using a special grinding machine. This process usually takes place in several stages, depending on how damaged the surface is. In this way, we can level the parquet, removing any scratches and recesses.

Floor sanding